Hold Fast

Those Dreams Mean Something

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SO! Just re-took a Myers-Brigg (esque) test and it typed me as ISTP. Last time I tested I was INTP, but this doesn’t shock me too much as I already knew my N-S were very close indeed (was leaning towards S only by 1% :P)

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[Last Night Part 4]

You are a beauty I will never grasp again
Your sweet lips like a wine to my soul
Your perfect hands caught in the embrace of us
You are everything allotted to me
To be my unlucky demise
Your eyes always call to bring me back
But I am caught up in this Oblivion
And still you are a love dug deep into my memories
Where I resurface again,
Grasping for a lifeline
Where is my escape from our illusive perfection?

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