Hold Fast

Those Dreams Mean Something

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Mornings Again

It’s morning, and I’m dwelling on the scheduled things I have

Things I write on calendars that never really fill me up

I’m seeing and talking and driving and walking

But what I want is long conversations, and misty days

And thoughts to dwell on that are too deep for me

So I sit in the silence of another early morning dwelling on these things

Hoping for a good day and another quiet evening

Looking forward to little shows and messages and comfy throws

Wrapped in sheets and pillows high, keeping minds occupied

Loving every moment of life, and dreading this scheduled life.

Want to take a break with you my dear, come close and show me love

Give me peace of mind from this hectic time

Soon I’ll have that space again, that warm time again

To myself, and to ourselves, and to people that mean something to us

Until then I look out this window, type type typing away

Wrapped in a sweater and waiting for the day to make it’s escape

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