Hold Fast

Those Dreams Mean Something

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You will read her.
You will be right most of the time.
She will trust you, and you will know her
better than anybody else.

She will call you out every time you pretend you know everything.
She will be right. You don’t know everything.
She will close herself, and trust will come at a crawl.

She will be so afraid of not being enough
sometimes, she won’t be enough,
but that’s not her fault, it’s yours, mostly.
You already know your limits. Know hers. Don’t push.

She will make you feel like you can’t help her.
All you’re ever going to want to do is help her.
As intuitive as you are,
she will break your heart.

And you’ll never see it coming.
You’ll never know why,
she will know why.

There will never be enough closure to keep you sane.
Most days, you won’t feel sane.
She will be a hurricane,
that you try to put into a bottle.
She was never really yours,
and she probably knew that.
You didn’t know that.
She will love you in her own way,
and then leave you one day.

"Rules for dating an INTP" by Cait O’Connor (via cait-oconnor)

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"Up till now, climate change has mostly been a story about challenges. But when challenge comes with opportunity. Here’s something that might surprise you. There’s an enormous groundswell of action already underway to fight climate change. It’s happening right now, all over the world. All these stories feature different people and different circumstances, but they all share the same goal: To build a low-carbon, climate-resilient future. Most importantly they show that there’s momentum for change. Change for good. "- Climate Heroes: Stories of Change Official Trailer, 2014  [x]

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