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That Timid Beauty

There is a capability in the Moon
To rise high and shine bright
To achieve a beauty rarely seen
Yet many times it operates so dimly
Barely able to let it’s light glow
Even at times hiding completely from sight
But out it will creep
To show just a glimpse of it’s wisdom
It’s lonely beauty
A rare sight for all to behold
'Tis a shame to hide it's truth
It’s being and belonging amongst the stars
Towering like a guide to all below it
It has within itself
The true wonder we all yearn to find
Something that tells us
"Yes, there is more."
Ironic that it should not see it’s self so fully as we
That it would lead us to a place of true salvation
Some dare to say
"The Moon is only a reflection of our truest beauty - The Sun."
But I would disagree most heartily
For what is that blinding white
Compared to the Moon’s timid glow?
One does not find themselves in broad daylight
But rather in the quiet basking of the Moon
For what could be more revealing
Than those moments you are finally brave enough
To listen to the silence and see yourself for who you truly are?
It is a courageous thing indeed.
And the Moon is what brings that about
It creates within itself
The ability for others to see things as they are
And as they should, though they like it not
What a thing the Moon is
A beauty I should like to see realized

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SO! Just re-took a Myers-Brigg (esque) test and it typed me as ISTP. Last time I tested I was INTP, but this doesn’t shock me too much as I already knew my N-S were very close indeed (was leaning towards S only by 1% :P)

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